01 Tensions, Trolls & Titties!

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by Lisa Shunkaha Wakantanka

14th June 2015

I have “vented” about many things over the years – things that piss me off and things that make me feel good, usually expressing myself on social media, so now for the very first “official”  blog – hey if only to link to and try to promote the Station more!

So OK why do we feel the need and desire to put our thoughts out into the ether? Many of us who have come to certain understandings about the world have a deep compulsion to try to help things change by spreading information, it feels like a necessity once that red pill goes down our gullets, others will say it’s that dreaded EGO and I daresay to differing extents in different people that is undoubtedly true, myself included of course…… for any of us to deny ego, is just pure illusion – ego like many other things has been much demonised in recent times but it is still an essential part of our make-up, in my opinion, it’s all about how you use it and how you let it use you I guess!

I checked it out on good ole Wikipedia, on which it was sectioned off into three very telling parts, as follows :-

  • Ego (Freudian): one of the three constructs in Sigmund Freud’s structural model of the psyche
  • Ego (Religion): as defined in various religions in relationship to self, soul, etc
  • Ego (Money): as used in Igbo language in Nigeria

So what do we have……. Mind/Religion/Money, very interesting ain’t it and personally I find the last definition the most fascinating……. and again from Wikipedia….

“The Igbo people, historically spelled Ibo are an ethnic group of south eastern Nigeria. They speak Igbo which includes various Igboid languages and dialects. Igbo people are one of the largest ethnic groups in Africa. In rural Nigeria, Igbo people are mostly craftsmen, farmers and traders. The most important crop is the yam; celebrations are held annually to celebrate its harvesting.Other staple crops include cassava and taro.

Before British colonialism, the Igbo were a politically fragmented group. There were variations in culture such as in art styles, attire and religious practices. Various subgroups were organized by clan, lineage, village affiliation, and dialect. There were not many centralized chiefdoms, hereditary aristocracy, or kingship customs except in kingdoms such as those of the Nri, Arochukwu, Agbor and Onitsha. This political system changed significantly under British colonialism in the early 20th century; Eze (kings) were introduced into most local communities by Frederick Lugard as “Warrant Chiefs”. The Igbo became overwhelmingly Christian under colonization”



Thought provoking huh and again another strong example of how those who wish to control the masses for their own gain and wealth set about doing it with some of the most indigenous people on this planet, for the contrived and sadly so believed reason by the rest of those controlled of “civilising” them, yeah right!

Anyways the purpose of this particular “rant” is not to highlight the non-virtues or indeed opposite of the ego as such specifically as a topic, more to dwell on the effects of it within our society and most specifically within this so called “truth” movement!

I have been a “part” (whatever that means!) of this collective “movement” of apparent awakened souls, and to be quite honest sometimes the only movement seems to be circular mostly no doubt by deliberate design and manipulation from the start, for a couple of years now and most recently with my radio station, CRYFREEDOMRADIO.COM, and like so many of us have experienced both first hand and indirectly the constant and what seems like never ending infighting! Much of this again I believe is controlled but a significant amount is just left to good old human nature and there is a question that comes to mind, just how dependent are our species on the seeming need and egotistical desire to attack each other at every turn for having a differing opinion to ourselves – is this something we crave to obtain some kind of self-worth and meaning…. or is it, as many insinuate, far too many….. a controlled “tribe of trolls” and “sea of shills” deliberately causing mayhem and discontent to repeatedly discredit and disrespect the so called enlightened souls to the masses and indeed to themselves?

This is a question that I cannot answer for sure, nor really can any of us, there is so much confusion out there in this collective of “truth” that even the best amongst us would struggle to know what is real and what is not, guess it’s more a case of determining largely what is important or not……. there is one thing which has become very obvious to me which admittedly has caused frustration and hair tearing moments, the repeated calling out by some of anyone with an opposing view to themselves as a shill or a troll, my it’s got to be such a prolifically used label now that it’s pretty much just instantly ignored and for those who continue to raise these accusations left, right and centre in this “alternative” world I have to ask the following……. How many of you when you publicise your, what is after all a pretty damning accusation, on line, on social media, on forums… how many of you publish it with actual laid down physical proof of what you say… or has in indeed just become an easy way to dispel any critic and use these words as a hard hitting insult? It’s never anything I’ve ever accused another of but I have been on the receiving end and to all those who have perpetrated this without irrefutable proof another simple question….. how in all honesty can you genuinely accuse another being in public without backing your words, how can that ever be honourable and respectful because after all, a little bit of mud sticks!

So the reason for this topic… well our grouping of “truth” folk it can only be agreed seem to be either by design or by nature, infiltrated by continual descent and bickering as a rule, it has also recently come to my attention that a particular campaign that I have been involved in is now receiving criticism, questioning and condemning, I will not at this point highlight the campaign by name, especially since I am not endowed with all the actual facts and am not wanting to add any fuel to any fire but I would just say that I do have experiences and feel it necessary to put my two pennies worth in, for what I hope are the right genuine reasons that have nothing to do with myself, just to do with the people I have met over the last year or so and the gut instincts I have felt….

It will always be true that many persons out there in this movement will no doubt be in some way, shape or form on the payroll of those we apparently fight against, in their attempt to control the masses and let’s be entirely frank, control the so called awakened ones too as much as they are able! Why would this not be so?

The campaign I refer to has received very much publicity both within the movement and also believe it or not on mainstream to some extent, there has been much support and empathy, probably more than any such similar event thus far, it has united many many people who have witnessed the true power of standing together for what they believe to be just and right, I’ve stood amongst them and felt that power, and yes it was amazing I cannot deny, it felt right and it felt like progress…. Some of this is now being taken to task because of an apparent not full disclosure of facts and whilst I will not comment on this either way without direct knowledge, I would say that in my own view when this is not done, especially in this “fight for truth and justice” for whatever reason, it leaves sadly the opportunity for discredit which will be acted upon by many at every turn for many different reasons… but all that said what I need to say is that what I truly believe is the most important aspect that needs to be highlighted is that the case I talk about has been responsible more than any other that I am aware of within this country for making clear the moral and corrupt injustices that take place within this “system” as a whole that uses and abuses the many for the benefit of the few……. Specific details of this case aside, there have been many other less high profile instances of a similar nature, where people have been thrown out of their homes due to their own misfortune and circumstances to enable those with the power and money to obtain yet more power and money…. at the expense (very apt word yeah!) of those who seek merely  a roof over their heads!

On the case I mention I shall reserve judgement but I will say that we should NEVER allow it to be turned against us, to discredit us, to take anything away from the fact that hundreds and hundreds of good and real people stood side by side, in the heat of the sun and the chill of the wind, for no other reason for the majority of them than to try to help one of their own under threat and try their hardest to spread the word to the many masses who still live in ignorant not quite bliss, they did this because they cannot stand on the sidelines and do nothing, because they care about their families, the future and this planet…. we are all on a never ending learning curve with much being thrown at us from every direction, it is NEVER going to be an easy sail up that river, we are never gonna get it all right when dealing with a deliberate system loaded against us at every turn, designed to keep us up to our eyes in debt for the mere necessities of life – we must NEVER lose sight of what we do this for and never underestimate our power… divide and conquer is the name of “their” game so please let UNITE and FIGHT be the name of ours!

Let me finish by telling of something that happened in the last week that warmed my heart in this constant battle…… and it’s to do with like-minded switched on people that may not agree on everything but do agree on humanity, on love, on fighting the darkness with light – #fightshitewithlight a big thanks for Danielle La Verite for that one ;o) and perhaps it does sound a bit corny but it works for me! I use Facebook a lot… to the critics, get over it ;o)….. I’m not just an armchair warrior, I do get out there and to my best when I am able, I use Facebook because it is a tool, because there are many good, frustrated and hurting but wonderful souls out there, who see our true worth, who see our true HEARTS, who cannot sit back and do nothing and a lot of them in that so called 8% or whatever percentage it really is, use forums like Facebook in a turmoiled desperation to try to reach those who still think the only things that matter in this life are footie team successes and what Kate Middleton’s wearing and/or has just dropped….. they try to encourage the masses to see the REAL world in all its black and white’s for the only reason of wanting change!

So anyway getting back to point (hey I’m a woman haha!) there was reporting last week of a so called campaign to apparently highlight breast cancer – yeah yeah yeah… cancer industry propaganda programming rubbish, yeah that kind of campaign and it involved, it was reported, women stripping to the waist, covering their glories with their hands and shoving a very suggestive cancer causing bottle of chemical coke between their tits, then taking a selfie and posting on social media to highlight the cause…….. and hold me down please!, it turns out this whole thing was a hoax anyway apparently perpetrated by an adult entertainment company, to identify possible fodder… err sorry employees for future productions… anyway be that true or not the fact is that it seems some women actually took this on board, though it has to be said the only pictures I saw where of “plastic” women with very well artificially aided boobs to match… This so called campaign no doubt caused some delight to some social media users not thinking with the top half of their anatomies but I proceeded to my “bull red rag” mode and posted as much “real /forbidden cancer cure” videos as I could in an attempt to bring home the whole issue of the butchery and chemical immune system destruction better known as modern day cancer treatment and of course also help folk to realise they can do a pretty good toilet clean with the wonderful “real thing” coke!

So anyway what happened later on that same day and the next renewed my hope in us because in a heart-warming, hope instilling demonstration of good people, people with knowledge, hitting back against the total crap we have daily foisted upon us, a collection of wonderful women, and indeed men, proceeded to inundate their social media pages with pictures of selfies, covering their bits with lemons (essential for a cancer prevention alkaline body) and other specimens of good ole fruit and veg, bearing the words “coke=cancer” across their chests…. what can I say apart from BLOODY WELL DONE GUYS, YOU ROCK! Brought tears of joy it did tho I have to confess to not being brave enough myself ;o)…….


So there is much to be grateful for guys…. we live on a beautiful planet, albeit one certain denominations seem intent on ruining but we’re onto them, with some beautiful people and the word IS spreading…. hey so never forget, shout out for your freedom because TOGETHER WE ARE STRONG!

Much love always

Lisa x

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I want to briefly touch on the death of JOHN HARRIS at the end of last month. Many if not most of you reading this will know who he was, the creator of the www.tpuc.org website and the man who many of us first entering this whole “alternative universe” of knowledge about how things really/apparently work first saw on video a number of years ago, speaking about the things he had uncovered and how he saw things in the “real” world…..

I have just finished reading John’s first published book, “Memoirs of the AntiChrist” which I have to say makes his death even more profound and poignant. I will not say in any detail at this point what is in the book, that is for each individual to discover themselves, John was one of the first people I listened to at the start of my journey a few years ago and as with many others, his words changed my way of thinking for ever… in his final interview (click on title below) with Graham Hart on Peoples Internet Radio

just weeks before his demise, John appeared very down and guilt ridden with how he said he’d let his ego take over his journey which had caused hurt to those closest to him. He did lighten up a little in the latter part of the interview and it was good to hear him after a few years.  His book is a story about a story, a story he claims has been used to control mankind for a couple of thousand years.  Within the book John leaves some clues regarding its title and his own role… whatever you make of what lies within its 72 pages, it WILL make you think of many things….. so John I just wish to salute you, wherever you may now be… in my view you are and were a good and intelligent man who’s legacy will be noted in true history for ever, thank you and enjoy your peace x