02 Good, Bad and So Ugly!

by Lisa Shunkaha Wakantanka
3rd July 2015
Tom C Eviction 2nd Jul 2015
For anyone who does not know something quite shocking took place yesterday out in Nottingham, UK and a precedent was set and not a good one! A 64 year old man and his wife were forcibly manhandled and removed from their family home after more than a quarter of a century in a house that was purchased for around 41K and for which over 131K had been paid over the years.

The family say that the building society, the Bradford & Bingley, changed the terms of their mortgage with no communication claiming they still owed over 40K, they refused to pay this believing their mortgage to have been paid in full…. there have been suggestions made that the policy that started life as an endowment mortgage was cashed in near the start by the family rendering it then an interest only mortgage about which the family were advised and told to make alternative repayment provision for, I have no information regarding the authenticity of this suggestion either way but will say this…..

What happened yesterday in what has become a fairly high profile case for which supporters, myself included, have gathered twice in extreme weather conditions outside the family’s home in Nottingham to stop the house being stolen and for which the family have been through untold stress and strife, what happened yesterday in a system that is so geared against the decent working man and so for those who constantly line their pockets at the expense of others, vultures that they are, well what happened in fact was that vans and vans and vans of riot police that we pay for lined and blocked the streets outside the house and home of this couple in their 60′s with no notice whatsoever, they then proceeded to protect and allow a group of bailiffs to raid the family home of goods and possessions collected over more than 26 years, they stood and sneered and laughed (and this is verified) in the faces of the distressed family with no respect or compassion, just “doing their jobs” against their own, the fools, in support of the corrupt banks, even unbelievably stooping to not allowing the family at first to retrieve a dying family pet and also incredulously taking photos of themselves smiling outside the home of this poor family…. words almost fail me here……

As a final insult they, these corporate ignorant bullies, manhandled to the extent of causing harm a 64 year old man trying to save what he’d spent his whole life working for off and locked him up for a good few hours while they then proceeded to barricade and board up his home without a second thought of compassion or respect because again “they were just doing their jobs” ….. and not forgetting they also managed to assault some of those gathered in the process to try to stop this cruel heartless deed from taking place including a lady on crutches trying to selflessly do what she could to help…..

So I am left with just one question which is this….. what kind of society can believe that a hard working, decent family who have spent a third of their lives paying for a roof for their heads, paying, no matter how you want to view it, to what amounts to over 3 times the original worth of what is a basic human right…. shelter…. what kind of society can believe it can be right to violently and unrespectfully drag out such a family, in full blatant view, and leave them with nothing, absolutely nothing after tens and tens and tens of thousands of pounds have been paid? And yes OK they made a stand against a so wrong system and yes they could have relented and ended up paying more tens of thousands to enable them to keep this essential roof above their heads, but they chose not to and whatever you think about any of this there CANNOT be, I hope, a bone in your bodies that can EVER believe this is just, fair or humane….. remember one thing when you see the rich getting richer at the expense of the hardworking man on the street….


For the sake of us all be strong, wise, strategic and alert because CHANGE is coming….. this is merely the beginning!