03 Our Future is the Here and Now!!!


by Lisa Shunkaha Wakantanka
8th April 2016

Felt I needed to blog, probably to empty my head space more than anything, but hey why not, it is supposed to be good to put things down on ‘paper’…. right!

So the pantomime we all seem to be trapped in is getting more hilarious by the day ain’t it, the eternal encore? Building in momentum as we watch, those of us who actually see the designed play out and of course those who still think their next worry is where to go for their summer break….. I don’t mean to be critical, ha jealous if anything, wish that was my next worry, actually no I don’t, living in illusion may be easier but it’s not real and I never want to live in a lie again, ever…..

I have an app on my phone…. yes the dreaded phone with apparent brain that even lowers your songs volume these days as it fears you may be damaging your ears…. haha… yeah OK, we know how much ‘you’ care about us, get used to being told what to do more like! Anyway it’s a ‘news’ app on the front screen that continually flashes the latest ‘headline’ and more a sense of amusement than anything if I’m honest….. and I always am! I have a brother who is what I would term ‘about one third awake’, thinks he gets stuff but in actualness only ‘gets’ exactly what the controllers want you to think you get…… all of us who now see a bit further along the path have all been at this stage of course so it is very important not to criticise and mock but to gently advise and lead without the delusion of believing we are in any way expert, only with the knowledge of being slightly further down the path of self-discovery and in addition of course we have the many many who are still not even at the one third stage….. not something to agonize over, I used to, used to much, but now see the absolute futility of this, it’s NOT about them, it’s about YOU and YOU alone….

I will always admit I have so very much still to learn and experience and this I do daily and this IS what is key, the continual spiritual growth of self, the speed is not important though in this world of current it cannot be denied a sense of extreme urgency prevails, but that is how we are being led to feel by those who fight so hard to retain the power of centuries…. Never however doubt that the seed of change is well and truly underway, hidden behind the curtains of many stages of good and energy, this planet has reached its biggest milestone and opportunity for a new future ever, NOT the new world order idea we have been beaten down with for so long but our own new humanity and universal order, one that started a while back, one that has been nurtured by many sent to do exactly that for some time, one that again is not obviously apparent, well unless you look behind the front fascade…… the rebirth that is already underway will encompass the pains of many labours but after all such pains the reward is well and truly magical!

I am no oracle, no future teller of fortunes, no prophet or predictor, merely a woman who has started to feel her real self, her deep rooted intuition and powers of instinct, I feel the very nature of what we are going through, not been easy and I still have many inner battles, without which it would be meaningless anyway, a long way still to travel, but I see the path, I see the road and the map is becoming clearer every day……

“Wildlife and Wild Woman are both endangered species. Over time, we have seen the feminine instinctive nature looted, driven back and overbuilt. For long periods it has been mismanaged like the wildlife and the wildlands.
It is not by accident that the pristine wilderness of our planet disappears as the understanding of our own inner wild natures fades.”

This book is amazing and one all need to read, it had to find its way into my life (thanks Betty xx) and it did thanks to a wonderful, strong, beautiful woman who has found her inner strength and being…. Things come to us when and how they are meant to, something I do feel to be true, can I prove it, no….. do I FEEL it… YES!!!

The future is NOW and what we do from this moment….. the clues are EVERYWHERE and truth apparent, my dear dear friends…… LET US ALL NOW DO THIS AND DO IT WITH A DEEP INNER LOVE OF SELF AND EACH OTHER <3


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