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wolf spirit radio

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Get Ready To Learn The Truth

Dave Corso
Founder of
Wolf Spirit RadioRIP1941-2014

Dave Corso Wolf Spirit Radio

“It is our sad duty to notify you all that – the founder – Dave Corso – Passed away on July 27th, 2014. A first generation super soldier – a warrior and a true Wolf Spirit! One of the last things he did was to turn the station over to JP – Dave so believed in the concept of this radio station that he wanted to make sure its Spirit and the energy of this station went forward.

So in that, this station is continuing in the Spirit of its inception. In the days and weeks to come there will be many changes to the station, scheduling and the look of the website as well. Many of us have come together to not only honor this station but the hosts, audience and certainly Dave. We are committed to bring forth the community of Wolf Spirit Radio and a renewed sense of purpose with focus and awareness.

We are going forward in a way that we wish to honor Dave and his vision as well as support the community that has found its way here to this site and the hosts. We will be placing some interactive tools on the site as well as more content for information on upcoming shows, news and informative posts.”


“Hello and Welcome to my web site. I am grateful you took the time to stop and see what me and my hosts and this web page is all about. Quite simply it is all about “The TRUTH”. The “truth” about any item/subject is actually dependent on each person’s view of a particular item/subject. One persons view on any item/subject is usually “wrong” in another’s view of that same item/subject. I have guests who have experience, knowledge, interpretations, and/or ideas on subject’s, you may or not agree with. Understand that your views on a particular subject may differ greatly then that of my guest. Should this be the case, learn to agree to disagree with my guest.

The TRUTH is relating an event EXACTLY as it was observed, with out adding to or taking from that event, to make some one “right” of some one else “wrong” ! 

Neither you nor I have any right, obligation, or standing to call anyone wrong in their view on anything.

I am not here to judge anyone about anything. I have my own views/opinions on every subject in the world and beyond. They are my views/opinions and my views/opinions alone. I know my views/opinions on those subjects are what many would call “wrong” and that is their right and is merely their view/opinion on that subject. Opinions are like brains, all beings are supposed to have one, unfortunately there are too many humans who do not know how to use theirs to do their own research on any subject and, due to the successful “dumbing down” of so many of the masses of “sheeples” in the so called “public schools system” of the USA and all other countries all around this beautiful fragile blue planet we call EARTH.

I urge and hope that by listening to the guests on the various shows presented on the Wolf Spirit Radio Network, that you who are courageous and awake enough will encourage others to join in and learn from the knowledge, experience and wisdom that is available from each and every guest on this network. None of us has all the answers to anything, however, be that as it maybe, by joining together and sharing the knowledge we each gain (from a different point of view) and by freely and willingly share that gained knowledge with love and respect, we can all grow together to where we all need to be. The choice is for each one to learn how to use and share such gained knowledge without being an over bearing asshole.

I do not have all the answers to everything; however, I do know how to ask questions as does my various co-hosts. Together we can all learn so much from each other, simply by asking questions related to the subjects the various guests bring to their respective interview(s). If you’re in the chat room type your questions and one of the moderators will bring it to my attention, and those questions will be asked of the guests.

I have had many compliments about the decorum and the manner in which each and every participant in my chat rooms behaves and conducts them selves as adults. I acknowledge and thank each and every person who shows up and participates in the chat room. I appreciate the adults who are awake and aware and are there for each show.”