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I first came across MARK BAJERSKI (pronounce the ‘j’ as a ‘y’) when he was mentioned by former guest DANIELLE LA VERITE as a man who worked out in Spain as a HEALER and who had the biggest heart possible! Intrigued I looked further and am so glad I did! Mark Bajerski 5Mark started out life in Huddersfield, the son of a polish father and italian mother, he was initially involved in the entertainment business as a dancer and made an appearance on a well known game show some years ago who’s catchphrase is well remembered by some of us…. “what’s your name and where do you come from”. He went on to own his own business as an auctioneer whilst doing as much work as he could to help others through charities and the like. He remembers even as a child always feeling the need to help people, his first desire when returning from family holidays in Poland was to rush to his friends house proffering sweets brought back from his trip.

Some years later he and his wife made a sudden decision to change their lives forever by upping sticks and moving to Spain, it was to indeed be a kind of calling and after many enlightening and spiritual experiences Mark has gone on to now run his own PURE ENERGY HEALING CENTRE out in Spain. Mark Bajerski3aHe has now helped many many people on a daily basis both in person and remotely with spiritual guidance and comfort and is a shining light with a big heart.

Perfectly located in the beautiful and mystical mountain-village of Mijas Pueblo on the Costa del Sol, Spain, Mark’s Pure Energy Healing Centre is truly one of a kind. The provides a very peaceful space for the many workshops, circles and events hosted there.

What Mark is particularly proud about is how the layout of the Healing Centre allows for many spiritual ‘treats’ to be available there, ensuring that there is something at the Centre for everyone. From one-to-one healing sessions with Mark, to beautiful Circle nights or to simply drop by for a refreshing tea and a browse through Mark’s Crystal Shop, a visit to the Healer of Heart’s Centre is always an uplifting experience.

‘The heart that gives is always full’  is a key philosophy of Mark Bajerski’s and is one that he truly practices in his everyday living.

Mark’s approach to how we live our lives helps us move from a place of pain, fear and confusion to start celebrating our lives and living in a more joyful, thankful and trusting way.  Mark feels deeply privileged to be able to share in the healing process of others and he is very humbled by his work – working as a channel for pure energy-healing.

A natural empath and fondly referred to as the ‘Healer of Hearts’, Mark has the ability to almost instantly connect with anyone who walks into his presence. His psychic and spiritual healing abilities enable Mark to provide information to those who seek his help assisting people to clear away painful issues, understand the source of their pain and, through pure energy healing, to unblock this pain trapped as negative energy within.

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In May 2015, Mark was delighted to realize one of his greatest dreams as he opened the doors to his very own teaching centre, the Pure Energy Healing Academy. Through his unique and powerful spiritual workshops, Mark shares his own personal discoveries and experiences that have earned him the reputation as one of the most effective and sought-after healers in the world today.

Mark is a published author of two books, ‘Diary of an Accidental Psychic’ and ‘Hold that Thought’, which explore the mysterious and magical powers of spiritual connection, pure energy healing and intuitive psychic abilities. Mark’s guidance and teachings through his highly popular workshops provides practical techniques and tools that help each person connect to his or her own healing powers and psychic abilities.

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Mark has many virtuous philosophies about being a pure healer and Spiritual guide. Mark lives and works from the heart, which is immediately evident to anyone who steps into his energy. His main focus is to empower each and every person who meets with him by bringing about a reconnection to his or her own inner strengths, inner gifts and inner light.

You will find Mark is utterly captivating — and entertaining, too. With his lovely humour, personal stories and deep insight into the purpose of life, he touches the hearts and minds of everyone who comes into contact with him.

Those who attend Mark’s workshops, leave the academy with a new energy, deeply restored, reconnected, inspired and very optimistic about their lives, no matter what issues may have existed for them.

“Even at the most painful moments, I see amazing strength in you. Even when you feel you cannot cope any longer and life seems to have forgotten you, I see so much more love and happiness yet to come. I have learned to see beyond the illusion of our mind and any issues and pains. I see the most beautiful reason to live. That reason is and always will be for you to discover your light.”

Mark Bajerski

HOW PURE ENERGY HEALING WORKS PEH allows Mark to be fully ‘open’ in order to see the energy that is attached to each one of us. Working respectfully with this divine gift of sight, Mark discovered that working as a channel for divine energy, he could transform the energy vibrations surrounding the person he was healing; clearing away negative energy and creating positive energy patterns. Working daily with this gift for over 10 years,  Mark explains that he ‘moves aside’ in the healing process. Instead he enters what he refers to as ‘Pure- Energy Healing mode’ facilitating channeled energy that can heal your life energy / life force to help your body repair itself. Those who have experienced Mark’s pure healing energy, remark on how very relaxed they feel during the session. It is not unusual for a client to experience a wonderful, warm, positive energy within and to experience colours of amazing light. The hands are a vessel for healing and, often, feelings of warmth or pins and needles will be experienced.

For some, lightness, heaviness, some physical movement can at times occur due to the shifts of emotions; a euphoric of the opening up of the heart, through the tears of letting go, releasing blocks and issues or even experiencing slight psychical pains for a short while as that very pain energy is burned away through pure energy healing. It is not uncommon that many people fall into a deep sleep – the P.E.R.S.P; Pure Energy Restorative Sleep Pattern. Pure Energy Healing is completely safe, non-invasive and an energy force that is immersed in divine love and light.

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After a healing session with Mark, clients say they feel an enormous release, a feeling of being ‘pumped up’ from the inside. They leave a healing session with an uplifted energy, happy with a deep sense of new openings or possibilities that are available to them. They have a new perspective of the future, feeling like a weight has been released and the darkness changed to lightness. There are so many ways in which Pure Energy can heal. Whether psychically or on deep painful emotions linked to current or to past life, Mark Bajerki’s Pure Energy Healing will remove painful blocks and help you to restore your balance and find inner peace.

For the first 2 years of Mark Bajerski’s healing path, he worked as a spiritual reader and healer without receiving any payment during this time. In his 3rd year, Mark provided free healing sessions to anyone suffering with cancer – something he felt very drawn to doing as a special dedication to his late mother who moved into the light after an illness with cancer when Mark was only 12 years old.There are occasions when Mark has freely gifted many hours of deep healing to others in their time of critical need, when he believed that, in that moment, no money could be exchanged. During the many years that he has facilitated his healing workshops, an opportunity has been given to many wonderful people to come forward for complimentary healing sessions. Mark is also renowned for gifting his precious healing crystals in just the right moments, with at least 2 from his collection being gifted by Mark for every 1 of his healing crystals sold.

The Gift It Forward donation is as a way for those who have received freely through Mark and his work, to now be the one to gift something forward, thereby doing a good deed for someone else in need. All contributions received will go forward to provide healing for pure souls in need of a helping hand, many who are at their lowest and most challenging moments. If you have been there, then you will understand how amazing and beautiful it is to receive pure light and love from another in those darkest of times. The Gift it Forward facility, is an opportunity to make a positive difference, to ‘gift forward’ the love and healing that you have been gifted, when it was needed the most. Mark Bajerski 7

BOHEMIAN ELEPHANT Handcrafted Ethical Clothing (click on any image below to enter the Website)

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Who Is Bohemian Elephant?

BOHEMIAN ELEPHANT is owned and run by Mark’s wife SUZIE BAJERSKI……. Bohemian Elephant’s mission is clear and simple: connect local artisans with consumers around the world while returning back to basics. Artisans from around the world work tirelessly every day to provide better opportunities for their families, their children, and their local communities. Every single piece stocked at Bohemian Elephant is a crafted by hand by talented artisans or made in a small, ethical workshop or factory taking care of the environment as much as possible.


Founded in 2016, Bohemian Elephant evolved from an initial goal of connecting artisans with a global marketplace to carrying the message and dreams of entire communities on its back. Bohemian Elephant represents togetherness, support, fair trade, tradition, and hard work while changing the lives of many. Bohemian Elephant not only provides jobs for local artisans in developing countries, we provide artisans with the means to grow, support and better their communities and share their traditions with the world around them.

Supporting Communities

Featuring quality boho-chic fashions from ethical companies and individual artisans has become the passion for Suzie the owner, founder of Bohemian Elephant. ‘I want to benefit people and communities around the globe while minimizing environmental impacts.’ With a passion for educating people on the benefits of buying handmade, ethical clothing, footwear, accessories and gifts, Suzanne hopes that Bohemian Elephant will help to create more jobs, sustain communities and save the environment.

‘If I could be the reason 10 people think differently about where they get their clothing, their shoes, their accessories, I would see that as a success. You can make a difference in this world just from buying handmade whenever possible, and Bohemian Elephant is here to help you do that. ’

Buying handmade from countries in poverty provides you with the opportunity to make someone feel human again. Bohemian Elephant only sources suppliers who pay their staff a fair wage whilst working only in healthy, clean working conditions which commit to never employing children under the minimum age.

Back to Basics

As a company who will never support suppliers of fast, cheap fashion, clothing will be handmade or created within ethical, small workshops or factories that are committed to fair trade, poverty reduction, sustainable livelihood, minimizing and counteracting environmental concerns, and created jobs globally.

All products are made featuring traditional techniques and imperfections are celebrated to create naturally unique individual products that are made to last and wear better with age.


At Bohemian Elephant we pull inspiration from Ibiza’s most famous Hippy markets, one of the island’s top attractions.  Suzie sources out artisans, painters, and designers who make up the unique atmosphere and freedom of expression. She searches for handmade items of clothing, jewellery and artifacts from Asia, Indonesia, and South America as well as the UK and european countries.

The bold patterns, textiles and quality of the materials found at these markets are an incredible influence on our passion for bohemian fashion and we’re thrilled to be able to share that with you in the form of playful jumpsuits and playsuits, feathered and beaded jewellery and accessories that inspire a care-free way of life.

Mark Bajerski 12