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Courtesy of TheFrackingTruth.org

The dangers and hazards of fracking are numerous and far-reaching…..

The relatively new drilling method known as high-volume horizontal hydraulic fracturing, or hydrofracking, carries significant environmental risks. It involves injecting huge amounts of water, mixed with sand and toxic chemicals, at high pressures to break up delicate rock formations to release the natural gas.

A fracked well can produce over a million gallons of wastewater that is laced with highly corrosive salts and carcinogens such as benzene and radioactive elements such as radium.

Thousands of internal documents obtained by The New York Times from the Environmental Protection Agency, state regulators and drillers show that the dangers to the environment and health are far greater than previously understood. The documents reveal that the wastewater, which is hauled to sewage plants not designed to treat this type of waste is then discharged into rivers that supply drinking water. This wastewater contains radioactivity at levels far higher than the level that federal regulators say is safe for these treatment plants to handle. The EPA has not intervened.

The ruination of the land above the Marcellus shale would only produce a meager 50 trillion cubic feet of gas, only enough to meet  U.S. needs for two years. TWO MEASLY YEARS OF ENERGY in exchange for destroying the homes and lives of millions of people for tens of thousands of millennia.

A rash of earthquakes reported in central Arkansa has resulted in the halt of drilling operations there.

A Cornell University study found that natural gas actually has a higher greenhouse gas footprint larger than coal and oil, because of the role of methane, a potent greenhouse gas, which is released during shale gas fracking.

Chronic nosebleeds, severe rashes, respiratory problems, tremors, memory loss, and losing the ability to walk are common symtoms of environmental poisoning. This is due to the accumulation of neurotoxins the the blood, the same substances found present in natural gas production.

Post from MARK HAMER (Wirral) on Facebook……..
“The Anti Fracking protector camp on Duttons Lane, Upton, Chester.
Guys please get along and support them if at all possible even its just for an hour like I did. There are proposed sites in Upton, Mickel Trafford, Ince, Ellesmere Port, Helsby, Wrexham, Wirral, Farndon. In fact nearly 70% of the UK countryside has now been given license to be fracked. YOUR HOUSE PRICES will go down. .. YOUR WATER TABLE will get contaminated. ..YOUR LAND AND AIR will become contaminated.. YOUR HEALTH will become effected ! Learn about the dangers of the shale gas industry now and educate yourselves if nothing else.
Not only that we have the Stanlow oil refinery on our doorstep. Fracking has been known to cause earth tremors. If that place goes up! ….need I say more.”
Humanity vs Insanity: The Fight Back! [Ian R Crane]
New Horizons 28th of April 2014


Campaigners mount anti-fracking protest in Chester

ANTI-fracking campaigners staged a protest outside council headquarters in Chester yesterday.

Fracking Upton

The protesters made their feelings known outside the HQ building ahead of a Cheshire West and Chester Council (CWaC) executive meeting.

There are currently no fracking sites in and around Chester but there are two sites, one in Farndon and the other at Upton, where Dart Energy has permission to test drill for coal bed methane.

Last month campaigners set up a permanent camp site on Duttons Lane, Upton, to try to stop the tests by blockading the site entrance.

The campaigners claim the test site is potentially dangerous because it is too close to houses, Upton High School and Chester Zoo.

They say the drilling could cause environmental damage as well as significantly reduce house prices in the area. Speaking at last night’s protest, Matt Bryan, of Hoole Road, Hoole, a member of the Frack Free Upton protest group, said: “The three main parties are all behind fracking.

“We want a transparent working committee and that is why we are here tonight.

“We are getting major local support which has been increasing because people are beginning to realise what a big issue this is.”

Another protester, Brian Slocock, from Upton, said: “Whether it is coal bed methane extraction or fracking, I am worried.

“It is a process which has a lot of negative aspects. It uses dangerous chemicals which can release serious pollutants into the environment.”

Before the executive meeting began there were a number of public speakers on the subject of fracking.

One former Tory county councillor, Andrew Needham, from Tarporley, a member of the Council to Protect Rural England, said he was not opposed to fracking but said all the evidence for and against should be shared with the public.

He said: “Fracking needs to be in the right place and have the right conditions attached to it. In order to reassure people’s concerns we need to have a more substantial document in place dealing with the issues.”

The executive agreed to hold a public consultation on fracking to get all viewpoints and set up a working committee of four Conservative and three Labour councillors to look into the evidence from both sides.

Frack Free Upton (Chester).

Call-out for support at New Protection Camp

Frack Free | 06.04.2014 08:13 | Ecology | Energy Crisis | Fracking | Liverpool

In the early hours of Saturday morning, a group of people committed to protecting the environment from extreme energy extraction set up camp on Duttons Lane, Upton, near Chester in the field where Dart Energy plans to test drill for coal bed methane. The original planning permission for test drilling expired last year, but Dart took steps to renew it and looks set to attempt test drilling here. Our job is to stop them. For more on the growing resistance to Dart Energy’s activities in the Welsh and English Marches, Nottingham, Falkirk… see these previous articles [ 1 | 2 | 3 ].Solidarity, support and supplies needed. The Camp is about halfway along Duttons Lane, Upton, a turning off the A41, and the council seems to have just erected a new street sign to help you find it. Postcode is CH2 2PE.

An invitation to join the Upton camp
An invitation to join the Upton camp

frack free upton
frack free upton

local support for the camp
local support for the camp

This sign has been up a couple of weeks (pictured with the signwriter!)
This sign has been up a couple of weeks (pictured with the signwriter!)

a message to dart energy
a message to dart energy

legal warning
legal warning

looking towards the proposed site entrance (behind tree)
looking towards the proposed site entrance (behind tree)

camp gate
camp gate

More photos in this flickr set.
A film and new anti-fracking group in Oswestry; new group in WrexhamDart Energy is also trying to establish operations in Shropshire with a test drilling application in progress for Dudleston near Ellesmere and last Thursday night I was in Oswestry with a few other Wrexham folk and for the screening of Josh Fox’s film about fracking, Gasland (there’s now also a sequel, Gasland II). I’d seen the film before but it was just as horrifying second time round. Coal bed methane extraction may or may not include fracking but it’s just as damaging – see the ABC Four Corners film Gas Leak to learn about the Australian experience with coal bed methane (usually called coal seam gas there). There’s also a possibility of further drilling down beyond the coal seam to the shale layer. The post-film discussion led to an embryonic group being formed in Oswestry to resist Dart’s plans for gas extraction in the area. Its first event will be a talk by Frack-Off later in April.Meanwhile, in Wrexham, where the council has just thrown out a planning application by Dart Energy to test drill for coal bed methane at Borras, there was a meeting Friday night that agreed to set up a Frack Free Wrexham group and to organise a community event to bring people together and raise awareness.

A protection camp in Chester

On Saturday, I woke up to the encouraging news that a group of people had been up all night securing the Upton site and setting up camp there so I headed over in the afternoon to see how they were getting on. With a number of veteran protectors from Barton Moss and other camps, local campaigners and visiting residents from the immediate area, the space was already looking pretty organised with Harris fencing around the camping area, the geodome up, plenty of sawing and hammering going on and a press release under construction. Probably as a result of the dedicated work of the people who’ve been raising awareness of Dart’s plans in the vicinity these past weeks, including holding a number of public meetings, the locals I chatted to at the site were well clued up, supportive and appreciative of the presence on the site, particularly since the camp has got there before Dart’s had a chance to start work. The next few days are likely to be crucial, so please get there and support if you can.

Current wish list

This will no doubt change, but as of yesterday evening (Sat 5 April), the wish list read as follows:

Dry Hay Bales
2 x Brewing Barrels
2 x Toilet seats
2 x Tables
Polyprop 220m of 8 or 6 mm
Lebara phone credit
Bin Bags
Tarps of all sizes
Banners and Signs

and added this morning…
Rice milk
Peanut butter
Cable ties
Battery packs for solar panels
No smoking signs!
Washing up bowls

Or just pop along to say hello, bring a smile.
See you there.

Frack Free
- e-mail: frackfreeupton [AT] hotmail.com

**** The Anti Fracking Protectors at Crawberry Hill NEED YOUR HELP! ****


(click on link above to go to their page)

fracking hull

The Anti Fracking protectors at Crawberry Hill and West Newton near Hull need your help. I have been up to see them today and all are putting themselves on the line to protect us all from this abomination that is causing massive pollution of air soil and water. Because they are few in number at present the police are getting away with massive injustices and the trucks are going in and out unhindered. The protectors are stretched between the two sites and are being picked off and arrested unlawfully. Roads are being blocked unlawfully by them and lies being told as to the reasons why. When arrests are made and protectors to on protector support to the courts in Beverly then liberties are taken by police at the camp. Today protectors were kettled at Crawberry Hill and prevented from using the toilets. One young lady called Lana who is gravely ill with cancer was left in a near collapsed state and despite pleas to let her use the toilet to help her was denied this human right. An ambulance was called and this was prevented from getting through for some time by police.

Please can everyone who knows how wrong this is and lives in either Yorkshire or Lincolnshire make an effort to visit these sites and support the protectors. It is a must for anyone who has licences sites near them as we will have to set up our own sites soon and need to know what we are up against. These protectors have a lot to teach us. If you can give a day or a few hours then it could make so much difference. The nearest post code is HE17 8RU and phone the camp 07475579494. The road at Crawberry Hill is closed at the moment but access to camp is allowed if you give the code Joe and Keiran.

The protectors are needing donations of wood, water, sleeping bags, socks, Tents, crockery and are trying to raise £100 to have thousands of leaflets printed to help with local awareness. Please share this status. Many thanks xx