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Seeking Solutions Together

This page will act as a hub for as many local and non local organisations and groups that want to promote what they are doing to lead our society in the right and healing direction including photographs of projects undertaken, NOW IS THE TIME TO LEAD BY EXAMPLE LIKE NEVER BEFORE !


The time has come when we so need to change our ideas and way of thinking if our communities are to survive…. the powers that be are doing EVERYTHING they can to kill these very communities…… I remember as a child shopping at the local shops with my mother, visiting each different shop in turn, the butcher, the grocer, the chemist……… she talked to her neighbours and there was a real feeling of togetherness and knowing each other…… that is now all but gone and frustrated uphappy unspeaking angry people push trollies around in supermarkets with no feeling at all…….. the pubs are closing down, the social clubs are closing down, the public spaces where children used to play are being turned into buildings, it’s all disappearing fast and if we don’t wake more people up to what is going on this will continue, WE HAVE TO RECLAIM THESE COMMUNITIES by working together to become self sufficient and reliant only on ourselves and NOT the money grabbing corporations….. the only way this will happen is if we start talking to each other again and UNITING in a common goal…. TO PROTECT OURSELVES!

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