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New Horizons

Welcome to New Horizons!

The friendly meeting-place for free-thinking people!

Entrance only £3, which includes refreshments.

Open 7.30 PM for 8.00 PM start

[Usually finishing at about 10:30]

A new speaker every week on an amazing variety of topics!

Conspiracy Theories… true or not?

The Global Economy

Hidden News

The Paranormal

Complementary Health

Alternative History


Alternative Science and Technology

Ancient Mysteries

The Legal Rights of the Individual… and much more!

Everyone is welcome!    No ‘membership’…  just turn up and enjoy the friendly, positive atmosphere!






MONDAY 16th JUNE 2014


16th of June at New Horizons Saint Annes was ‘Newbie Night’ with five speakers all losing their virginities in front of an appreciative audience. Although the speakers were new at this game you wouldn’t have thought so with some fantastic information shared.
The first three presentations are now up and available for viewing and sharing via your friends, contacts and social media.

1. ROB JONES: Climate Change? We Did It! Not convinced? Here’s Why!
Rob Jones challenges the notion that Climate Change is a man made construct. Rob Points out who is promoting this agenda and just what their motivations are…

2. PAUL WHITEHEAD: Taking The Power Back – Putting The Common Unity Back in Community
Paul Whitehead of Pedalable Edibles gives an inspiring call to arms for people to start rebuilding communities from the grassroots up. Growing our own food being the obvious base line in the face of a state determined to allow the likes of Monsanto to poison us and future generations.

3. LISA PHILLIPS: Cry Freedom Radio
Lisa outlines her background and how her experiences in finding out about the true reality of how this world works have led to creating her own internet based radio station ‘Cry Freedom Radio’ to try to enlighten as many as possible and spread the word and also to emphasize the absolute necessity of uniting and returning to our true roots and communities……

4. ALEX WILLIAMS: MANCHESTER….in plain sight, but not all can see…
Alex Williams, current videographer for New Horizons Saint Annes and co founder of Freedom North West, takes us on a trip around Greater Manchester in England. Pointing out what he believes are the marks and symbolism of the Ruling Merovingian Bloodlines in the rainy Northern city.
The illuminati are obsessed with symbolism and ritual and they have to show us that they are in control and they must tell us, at least those with the trained eyes to see, everything from Wars to blood rituals has had their fingerprints upon it.

5. BREN: Conquering FEAR…. to start spreading TRUTH!
Bren uses this opportunity to finally face his fears of public speaking and begin the process of bringing his highly regarded personal knowledge on Health, Nutrition and the hidden agenda into the public arena…. You did great Bren, well done and thanks for facing your fears, it was to our advantage ;o) xx